Driver Education FAQ

Classroom Instruction

What type of class is best for us? In-person, remote learning, or online classroom instruction?

What happened to your classroom in Buffalo?

What happens if I miss a day of classroom education, and how do I make it up?

Can I transfer the classroom training I started with another program and complete my 30-hours of classroom education with you?

General Information

Why are there fewer and fewer in-person classes being offered?

What is the Parent Class?

How do I get a Restricted Farm Work License?

How old do I need to be to start driver's education?

Can I start practice driving now that I have my blue card?

Do you offer driver's education for adults?

What qualifications do your driving school instructors have?

Is there an audio book available for the Minnesota Driver's Manual?

Is Today's Driving School a Medical Based Driving Program?

Online Course

I forgot my security question answers, where can I find them?

I got locked out of the online course, what happened?

The system will not let me click the button to continue working on my lesson, what's up with that?

I was watching a movie clip and got kicked out, now I have to watch the movie again?


What are the steps I need to complete to get my Minnesota Learner's Permit?

What is the white card?

What is a blue card?

How do I schedule a farm work driver's license road test with the DMV?

How do I schedule a knowledge or road test with the DMV?

May I rent or borrow a driver's education car to take my road test?


Is there an app for tracking our driving hours?

Do I need to let my teen drive in adverise weather conditions?

Can I register for Behind-the-Wheel instruction if I live outside of your service area?

How do I schedule my behind-the-wheel driving lessons?

Do I need to complete my 50 hours of supervised driving before scheduling my behind-the-wheel lessons?

Can I do my behind-the-wheel instruction at Today's Driving School if I went to another provider for the classroom portion?

Can I transer completed BTW instruction from another provider and finish by instruction with you?

May I use my own car for behind-the-wheel instruction?

Payment Policies

What is your refund policy?

What are my payment options?