Online Driver Ed Class

Today's Driving School offers an online, self-paced option for classroom instruction.

Today's Driving School has developed a computer-guided, self-paced program that provides the ultimate flexibility while keeping your teen engaged in learning Minnesota Traffic Laws. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety approves this program, which meets all the requirements of 30 hours of classroom instruction.

Your teen will get the most out of this program if they are self-disciplined and capable of staying focused without the physical presence of an instructor. Fast, reliable internet is essential to avoid lagging, dropped connections, and other technical issues.  

The class allows students to work up to 3 hours per day. Your teen can complete their classroom requirements in as little as ten days. The program tracks time spent on each lesson, allowing your teen to exit and return to where they left off. 

Technical support for the platform is available 24/7, and our instructors are available via phone or email on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to answer questions about our curriculum. 

All necessary curriculum for our online classroom is accessible via our online learning portal. A printed copy of the Minnesota Driver's Manual is not provided as part of your registration for this program. Download a PDF of the Minnesota Driver's Manual.

Students who complete all 30 class hours will receive their blue card (Certificate of Completion) or 30-hour letter of completion from the U.S. Postal Service. They are mailed on the first business day after completing the online curriculum.

The MN Department of Public Safety requires you to be registered with a provider for behind-the-wheel instruction to receive a blue card. If you are not registered with us for behind-the-wheel instruction, you will be issued a 30-hour letter of completion instead of the blue card.

After registering and paying, you will receive an email with your PIN and access instructions for the online classroom portal. 

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