In-Person Driver Ed Class

Today's Driving School offers an in-person learning option for your teen to complete classroom instruction.

We offer in-person classes in various locations throughout the year. Check our schedule for dates and locations near you.

Your teen will get the most out of this program when they are accustomed to learning in a live, group environment. Many teens find focusing and retaining the most knowledge from an in-person learning experience easier. 

Students who complete all 30 hours of classroom instruction will receive their blue card (Certificate of Completion) or 30-hour letter of completion on the last day of class. 

The MN Department of Public Safety requires you to be registered with a provider for behind-the-wheel instruction to receive a blue card. If you are not registered with us for behind-the-wheel instruction, you will be issued a 30-hour letter of completion instead of the blue card.

The curriculum for the class will be emailed to you a few days before the first day of class and will require printing several PDF files before the first day. A hard copy of the Minnesota Driver's Manual is included with your registration and will be given to your teen on the first day of class. 

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety approves this program, which meets all the requirements of 30 hours of classroom instruction.

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